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The Egyptian Mau

Cat of the Pharaohs, the Egyptian Mau is one of the oldest races, just like the Abyssinian. His agility, elegance, intelligence and calm are all particular traits that explain his success with cat lovers.

Characteristics of the Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau has a rather special silhouette, halfway between that of the eastern cat and the European cat. Medium in size, it expresses a lot of grace and power. With its marked musculature, the Egyptian Mau sports a "gusset", a kind of ventral pocket that allows him to gain agility. Moreover, this breed is considered one of the fastest and most vivid in the world. It has longer rear legs than the front allowing it to make spectacular leaps. You do not have to consider catching it if your cat wanted to run away. It will be much too fast. The Egyptian Mau sports a dress of smoke, bronze or silver color which are the only ones accepted by the standard. The coat displays spotted tabby patterns, mottled.

History of the Egyptian Mau race

Of Egyptian origin as its name implies, the Egyptian Mau derives its particularity from its antiquity. Already in 1567 BC J-C, we could see his portraits adorn the Egyptian tombs. At the time, cats were valued for their rodent hunter skills and were assigned to protect grain storage. After the Second World War, we almost saw a complete extinction of the race. In the 20th century, a Russian princess undertakes a renewal of it in Italy. It will be necessary to wait until 1977 for an official recognition. The Egyptian Mau will be more popular in the United States, where since 1968 it has been part of the Cat Fancier Association, a large association gathering the pedigrees of purebred cats.

Living conditions and behavior of the Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is recognized as being rather docile, intelligent and independent. Since he has hunter genes, he has to exercise regularly to feel good. This cat shows a lot of affection towards his masters. On the other hand, he may show hostility towards foreigners. Faithful, he needs attention and is curious at times. He loves to play and can be a great companion for kids. A life in an apartment can perfectly suit him even if he will not balk in front of a large garden or terrace to bask. For a happy cohabitation, it is important to build a relationship based on love and trust with the Egyptian Mau.

Diet and main health problems of the Egyptian Mau

Like all cats, the Egyptian Mau is a carnivore that - to grow properly - must enjoy a quality diet. Pay attention to the quantity to avoid the problems of overweight.

On the health side, this is a robust feline that is not associated with any inherited pathology in particular. On the other hand, it can happen that it is touched by the ear wig that requires emergency medical treatment. This cat does not support the changes of temperature, so you have to be attentive to this sensitivity.

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