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How long does a cat live? Key figures and records!

On the off chance that we allude to legends and convictions, felines would have seven lives, or even nine in the Egyptians. Be that as it may, what is extremely their term and their future? Discover the solutions to your inquiries in this article.

Some figures on cats

Even though the average life of a cat is now 15 years, some have still managed to break longevity records. And so far, the prize goes to Crème Puff who lived until 38 years, more precisely the equivalence of 160 years in humans. Having lived in the United States in Austin with his master Jake Perry, this cat unfortunately died in 2005.

Note also that Cream Puff, is included in the Guinness Records. Otherwise, with their 34 year old, Moun and Granpa Rexs Allien - still Jake Perry - come in second place tied, followed closely by Sarah a 33-year-old cat who lived this time in New Zealand. Fourth place goes to Scooter, a 26-year-old Siamese Texan cat who is still alive today.

What is the real life expectancy of cats?

To be honest, since there are many factors involved in the longevity of cats, there is not really a standard number of years in terms of their lifespan. For example, while house cats can easily grow up to 15 or 20 years old, this will not be the case for gutter cats that rarely reach 12 years old. The wild cat will live only 7 years maximum.

The reasons ? Benefiting from better living conditions and good nutrition, animals with a home are more resistant to disease. On the other hand, unlike wild ones, as domestic cats do not have to find their meals outside, they are also safe from possible attacks by dogs and other cats, not to mention the danger of traffic.

Others also put their lives in danger and perish due to serious injuries, with the sole purpose of seducing females during periods of heat. That's why many homeowners are opting for a radical decision that is sterilization. And indeed, by adopting a more sedentary life, castrated cats age twice more compared to others. The only problem here is the risk of obesity due to lack of exercise. Moreover, it is not only the males who are concerned, but also the females. Indeed, sterilizing them preserves breast cancer and uterine infections.

Cats of more fragile breeds than gutters cats

In any case, did you realize that, in opposition to many got thoughts, breed felines live shorter lives contrasted with drain felines and crusaders? All things considered, their future is as yet exceptional realizing that it is by and large 16 years for the consecrated feline of Burma, 14 years for the Persian, for Siamese and Burmese, or 11 years for the Main Coon and for the British Shortair, just as 10 years for the Abyssinian.

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