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5 game ideas to do with your cat

5 game ideas to do with your cat

It's not in every case simple to play your feline. These creatures welcome the curiosity and become weary of a repetitive action rapidly. It isn't unprecedented to burn through cash on the most recent popular toy to satisfy his little sidekick, and to see him use it for just a couple of minutes, the toy winding up being lost under a household item. 'Fascinating at all the beneficiary. It will be important to be creative to have the option to fill the requirements for rounds of a feline with the goal that it very well may be blossomed. 

Assuming, in any case, you need thoughts to play your feline, you can discover in this article offers five.

The importance of the game for a cat

Playing with your cat is an important practice for your well-being. Indeed, these small balls of hair have a natural instinct of hunter, that some of them can not satisfy anymore because their place of life does not allow them (if they live in apartment for example). It will be necessary to fill the instincts of hunter of his cat. And for that, what better than to play it? It will stimulate him physically and intellectually, in addition to sharing a moment of complicity together.

Conversely, a cat that is not stimulated by his master may be bored in the long run, especially if he is the only animal in the house. This could provoke in him an apathy, even in the worst case, a depression, because yes, it does not affect humans.

It will therefore be necessary to stimulate your cat every day, without disturbing him in his sleep, which is also important for his balance. So prefer to play it during fixed hours, because cats are very routine animals, they will appreciate having the habit of playing with their master every day.

1. The fishing rod: one of the most popular games

Among all the cat games that exist, there is one that they particularly like: the fishing rod. The principle is very simple, a stick at the end of which is fixed an elastic thread, at the end of which will attach a toy.

If the fishing rods can be bought commercially for only a few euros, it is also very easy to make oneself. The stick and the elastic thread are rather simple to obtain (in the absence of elastic thread, a simple string will suffice). For the toy, many things can do the trick. A ball previously purchased commercially, a cork, or even bird feathers, which usually interest our feline friends.

The game method is also very basic. It will be enough to shake the toy in front of your cat, as if it were a small insect. This will stimulate the hunter instincts of your little companion, who will normally run after the toy.

2. The laser pointer: effective but disturbing

The laser pointer is known to incredibly interest our little bundles of hair. At a bargain in many general stores or in some claim to fame stores, this little innovative device has a laser pointer that you can shake under the nose of your feline, which he will attempt to get. 

Notwithstanding, the way that this laser has no physical constitution will enormously upset the creature over the long haul, since it can never get a handle on it. To appropriately play your little chunk of hair with this pointer, it will end the game by keeping a little treat on the ground, you point with the laser. In this manner, the feline has had the impression to succeed his chase, upsetting him such a great deal less.

3. Cardboard: a place of essential exploration

Felines are interested creatures just as adventurers. To fill this need, it isn't really important to cause them to travel in another spot each end of the week. In fact, a basic cardboard can get the job done. 

Notwithstanding being a material that pulls in them a great deal, a cardboard in its essential structure (in other words as box), is a wonderful spot in which to stow away, and conceivably make a decent rest. 

For the most creative of you, it is additionally conceivable to slice the cardboard to make a little maze. Your feline will love to investigate the course you have envisioned for him. You can even utilize the angling pole bar or the laser pointer to animate him to investigate each niche and corner of his new play area, or even put a little treat in it to invigorate his interest.

4.The ball: simple and effective

It is naturally easier to play a dog than a cat with a ball. With the cat, it will involve a little more, because where most dogs will bring you back, leaving you free to go about your business, it is much more rare to see a cat come back to see you, the ball between the teeth.

First, it will be necessary to be conscientious to choose the material of the ball. This will depend on the cat's tastes in question. Some enjoy newsprint, others conventional paper sheets. It is therefore not mandatory to buy, although some types of bullets that are found in the trade, such as those with a bell inside, for example, are very popular with our feline friends. They have a major defect against which you can well imagine: it will support the noise, or hide the ball out of hours of play, not to wake you up in the night by the sound of a bell.

As for the method of play, it will be sufficient to throw the ball, after which he should run, then play a little with the push of the paw. He will end up looking at you when he's finished, for you to relaunch it, and so on.

5. The game of hide-and-seek: a moment of complicity

Thusly of playing typically just interests little cats, or the individuals who have been utilized to this game since the beginning. 

It's just about going to cover up when you see that your feline is in a decent time to play. When he discovers you, raced to cover up in somewhere else, where he will absolutely tail you. This game can undoubtedly transform into a piece of "visit"! 

The jobs can likewise be turned around. Your feline will appreciate covering up under a household item for instance, hearing you lift it up and call it with a voice pitch in your voice

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